Meet the Coach – Simeon Green

Simeon Greenlots o tropheysUCI Code: GBR19791206 

Hometown: Cadalen, France 

Weight: 69 Kilograms

Height: 186 Centimeters

Team: CACastel/Bouygues Telecom & Nestle Pro Cycling Team

Born in Albi, France, “Sim” began racing as a junior rider in the United Kingdom.  Having initial positive results in the mountain bike arena, Sim decided to try his hand at road racing after two seasons of cyclo-cross racing.

In 2001, Sim moved back to his home country, and was picked up by AG2R Development Team Albi Velo Sport.  As a member of AG2R Sim assisted in bringing home team victories for riders like Christophe Dupouey, and Darren Lill.  Not just an excellent team worker, Sim’s strengths include climbing and Time Trials. The 2004 season brought Sim additional European racing experience with a few months spent racing around the European continent.
In 2005 Sim raced for Limoux Credit Agricole, based in France.  Sim frequently joined composite or “Selection” teams for different events outside France.  For the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons Sim has been a member of Elite French DN1 Bouygues Telecom development team and has helped the likes of Scott Lyttle finish 2nd overall and 1st Young rider in the 2.2 Tour of Cameroon, while also concentrating on his own results.  In 2006 Sim concentrated his efforts on finishing his final year of University while still riding in support of his teammates and working for  Once freed of his educational obligations Sim was able to concentrate a little more on racing in 2007 and 2008, thus the results followed with the high point of the 2007 season being his win of the Midi Pyrenees Championship, giving him the coveted yellow and blue jersey to wear for a year.  In 2009 Sim raced for the Bouygues Telecom team for European races. From 2010 onward he signed for Equipe CMI and focused his attention on the continental circuit with UCI stage races, and a few smaller one days races to fill the gaps.  He excelled in riding in the support of others, being an integral part to the team’s success in overall wins and stage  wins.  He really came into his own with the addition of a few riders signing for the team from the Pro Tour ranks.  With a clear leader in the team, Sim’s skills came to the fore.  Other the years he accumulated a number of personal successes, claiming at least one race win a year, and also making the selection for the National Championships in which he has finished in the top 10 four times.

Fluent in 3 languages, but schooled in five, Sim is an English Major from the University Champollion Albi where he graduated in 2006.  Sim also gave lessons at the University in 2005.  Well spoken, outgoing and well versed in all aspects of cycling, Sim has spent some free time working as a coach for touring companies, and is currently involved in the planning and running of Bikestyletours, and CMItours trips and training camps in Italy, Spain and the Pyrenees, as well as guiding trips to the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a Espana. 

Sim is also a publsihed writer and part time contributor to publications such as, with diary entries, instructional articles and event coverage.  Sim also has experience working as a Director Sportif, both in Europe and abroad.




National Championships                                                       6th

Area Championships                                                               1st

Tour du Dadou (Stage 2)                                                         1st



National Championships                                                       5th

Pyrenees Chamionships                                                         1st



Team member winners of UCI 10 day Tour du Maroc

UCI 1.2 Challenge Kourighba                                               23rd



10 top ten results


Pic de Nore (day2)                                                      (FRA)              2nd

Grand Prix Castelsagrat                                             (FRA)              3rd

Tour International des Pyrenees         Final GC         (FRA)              4th

Tour International des Pyrenees         Mountains GC (FRA)              4th

Championnat Midi Pyrenees               Team TT          (FRA)              4th

Tour International des Pyrenees         Stage1             (FRA)              5th

Tour International des Pyrenees         Stage2             (FRA)              5th

Fawn Grove Roubaix Pro Open                                 (USA)              6th

Championnat Pyrenees                       Time Trial       (FRA)              7th

Championnat Midi Pyrenees               Time Trial       (FRA)              10th

Jefferson Cup Pro Open                                             (USA)              14th

Tour of Ephrata Pro Open      Stage2 Team TT          (USA)              15th

Tour International des Pyrenees         Stage3             (FRA)              16th

Boucles du Tarn                      Elite                             (FRA)              17th

Lauzerte                                                                      (FRA)              17th

Nohic                                                                           (FRA)              34th

Tour of Ephrata Pro Open      Final GC                     (USA)              45th

Tour of Ephrata Pro Open      Stage1                         (USA)              45th

Tour of the Battenkill               Pro Invitational           (USA)              62nd



8 top ten finishes


Championnat MidiPyrenees (Team Time Trial)         (FRA)              2nd (Bronze Medal)

Timbeerwah                                                                (AUS)             4th

Col de Latrape-Cirque Cagateille                               (FRA)              5th

World Journalist Championships                                (FRA)              5th

Championnat MidiPyrenees (I Time Trial)                 (FRA)              6th

Prix des Vins Sancerrois                                             (FRA)              6th

World Journalist Championships Time Trial              (FRA)              7th

Grand Prix Castelsagrat                                             (FRA)              8th

Grand Prix St Pierre                                                   (FRA)              9th

Tour du Val Dadou (Stage 1 Time Trial)                    (FRA)              17th

Tour de l’Ariege Pyrenees (General Classification)   (FRA)              18th

Tour de l’Ariege Pyrenees (Stage 3)                           (FRA)              19th

Tour du Val Dadou (General Classification)              (FRA)              19th

Ronde Gersoise                                                           (FRA)              21st

Tour du Val Dadou (Stage 2)                                      (FRA)              33rd


 2007 :

Pyrenees Champion

4 Victories

17 top ten finishes


Championnat Midi Pyrenees                               (FRA)              1st (Gold Medal)

Pyrenean Climbs 1 Col de Latrape                      (FRA)              1st

Pyrenean Climbs 2 Uphill TT Col de Sourroque   (FRA)              1st

Tour du Plantaurel Pyrenees                               (FRA)              1st (King of the mountains GC)

Pic de Nore hillclimb (stage 1)                            (FRA)              2nd

Championnnat MidiPyrenees (Team Time Trial)  (FRA)              3rd (Bronze Medal)

Tour des Coteaux et Chateaux (Stage2 TT)          (FRA)             3rd

Tour du Plantaurel Pyrenees (Stage3)                  (FRA)              3rd

Pyrenees Time Trial Championships                   (FRA)              4th

Tour des Valleys Pyreneen Ariege                       (FRA)              5th

Castelsagrat                                                       (FRA)              6th

Tour du Plantaurel Pyrenees General Classification                  6th

Tour du Chasselas (Stage 1)                                (FRA)              6th

Tour du Plantaurel Pyrenees (Stage 2)                  (FRA)              6th

Tour du Lavedan Time Trial                                 (FRA)              7th

Grand Prix de Lias                                                (FRA)              7th

Tour des Coteaux et Chateaux (Stage 1)              (FRA)              8th

Chronos Chatelleraudais (International) TT          (FRA)              9th

TourCoteaux&Chateaux General Classification    (FRA)              11th

Tour du Plantarurel Pyrenees (Stage 1 TT)            (FRA)              11th (Mechanical)

Tour du Lavedan General Classificaton                (FRA)              11th

Tour du Lavedan Stage 2 (Col Soulor, Cauterets)  (FRA)              14th

Tour des Coteaux et Chateaux (Stage 3)               (FRA)              14th

Grand Prix de Millac                                             (FRA)              20th

Colomiers-Colomiers                                          (FRA)              30th

Tour du Cantal Time Trial                                    (FRA)              31st

Tour du Cantal Stage 2                                        (FRA)              32nd

GP Chantal Biya Stage2         UCI 2.2                   (CMR)             35th

Tour du Cantal General Classification                 (FRA)              35th

Tour du Cantal Stage 1                                       (FRA)              38th

GP Chantal Biya G.C.            UCI 2.2                   (CMR)             39th

GP Chantal Biya Stage 2        UCI 2.2                 (CMR)             40th

Classique Montauban-Lafrancaise                    (FRA)              42nd



1 Victory

7 top ten finishes


Pic de Nore Stage 1 (Under 26 category)            (FRA)              1st

Pic de Nore Stage race (General Classification) (FRA)              2nd

Pic de Nore Stage 1                                          (FRA)              2nd

Pic de Nore Stage 2                                          (FRA)              4th

Championnat MidiPyrenees (Team Time Trial)  (FRA)              5th

Albigeoise                                                        (FRA)              6th

Midi Pyrenees MTB Championships                  (FRA)               9th

Midi Pyrenees Elite/Pro TT Champs                  (FRA)              21st

CycloCross 31                                                  (FRA)              22nd

Trophee National Pujols 1.12                           (FRA)              25th

Prix des Monts Villeneuvois                             (FRA)              31st

Charentes Classique Mini Paris Roubaix          (FRA)              36th




2 Victories

8 top ten finishes


Carcassonne Time Trial France                      (FRA)              1st

Bruniquel Short Distance MTB                        (FRA)              1st

Langudoc-Rousillon TT Championships       (FRA)              2nd

Puy L’Eveque TeamTimeTrial                         (FRA)              4th (1st Amateurs)

Pyrenees MTB Superbagnere                          (FRA)              4th

Le Rialet MTB                                                 (FRA)              5th

Monte de Nore                                               (FRA)             6th

Saint Alban  Time Trial                                  (FRA)             7th

Midi Libre MTB                                               (FRA)             11th

Chronos Chatellraudais (International) TT     (FRA)             12th

Monte de Nore 2                                           (FRA)              13th

Tour de L’Ouin Stage 1 Time Trial                 (FRA)              32nd




2 victories

6 top ten finishes


Chronos du Vaurais Time Trial Elite Open      (FRA)             1st

Vaurais Team Time Trial                                (FRA)              1st

Radwelt Open                                                 (AUT)             6th

Strasse Sprints Austria                                   (AUT)             7th

Aigues Vives Pro/Open Cyclocross                (FRA)              8th

Radwelt Austria Open                                     (AUT)             10th

Time Trial Open Austria                                  (AUT)             14th

Montauban Pro Open Cyclocross                    (FRA)              15th

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