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Our Philosophy

Train Right

Train Right


At Jetlagsports we emphasize quality over quantity.  Having personally raced at an Elite International level while still putting myself through school, or having to earn money at a “real” job, I have always valued getting as much out of the little time you have, rather than wasting time getting nowhere.  To find out more about our coach, click here.

Cycling is a sport for all to enjoy, so whether you ride once a week with a few friends, or travel the world racing against the world’s best, we want you to get the most out of your cycling and to enjoy yourself.

We approach coaching on two different levels.

1)      Fitness.  This is the usual level  everybody thinks of when you mention the term “coaching”.  Working to improve your endurance and cardiovascular system to basically get stronger on the bike

2)      Skill.  This aspect is too often neglected by the majority of people.  Riding skill and knowledge will improve your cycling more than you think.  You can compensate for a lack of fitness with some good riding skill and experience.  We strive to share our knowledge with you so that can be a better, safer and more efficient rider.  This is usually done on a face to face basis.  Be it individually or in a group, but it is sadly almost impossible to do without personal contact.

With this in mind, we offer two kinds of coaching services. 

–          Coaching Programs” focus on your strength and cardiovascular system and can be done via the internet.  You will get specific workouts to do that are tailored to you as an individual.  These workouts can be Heart Rate or Power Based depending on your own preference.

–          On the road Sessions” focus more on your riding skills.  This may include group riding, positioning within a group or peloton, pedal stroke, cornering, descending techniques as well as actual training skills such as Strength Endurance workouts and intervals.  These are skills you should be able to take home and work on on your own or with friends whilst also incorporating them into your daily training and “Coaching Program”.




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